All entries will be reviewed by the Musclemania Sponsors observing the established criteria. They are active members of the Female Muscle Community on the internet, with an extensive background of contribution and expertise within the subject. They're also mature individuals and very distinctive per se, forming a broad and diverse group in an attempt to reach the most fair decision possible.


Voting will consist of the six Musclewomania Sponsors and an audience vote. The sponsors' votes are individual and secret. The audience will vote through a poll on Female Muscle Club on Deviantart. In the event of a tie among the judges, the audience vote will be used as a tie breaker. TheMusclewomania Sponsors' decisions are final. Prizewinners will be notified by e-mail within 5 (five) days thereafter.


The winners will be chosen based solely on three fixed criteria, with equal weight being given to each.


The skill shown by the artist in their chosen medium.


The quality of being creative, inventive and imaginative, allowing the proper translation of the artist's intentions and feelings to the artwork produced.


The portrayal of a body that looks convincing; the musculature and the skeletal system complement each other in a way that appears consistent with the human form and logical to the way bodies actually function This can range from a realistic portrayal to extreme exaggeration, so long as an underlying knowledge of body forms and functions is apparent.

Winner Annoucement

All winners will be notified by email. They will also be officially announced in the Female Muscle Club on Deviantart. Other several website announcements will follow.